The purpose of practicums is so that we (as students) will be able to put classroom theory into actual practice. We participate in group reporting and accountability and investigate possible career choices by identifying and participating in practical experience related to what we are studying.

Practicums include 30-35 hours+ of practicum experience. Our time is logged and signed off with our supervisor and turned in at the end of the semester. What counts as time towards our practicum is:

  • Meetings with your practicum supervisor or committee
  • Group meetings from class
  • On the job work experience
  • Individual preparation

Practicums I’ve Done:

I chose to be a part of Center Stage for Spring Semester 2016.

Center Stage is a marketing board at BYU-Idaho. We meet together as a board on a weekly basis to discuss marketing strategies for upcoming performances coming to the school, such as Josh Turner and David Archuleta. We discuss ways to promote performances at our booth as well as what activities and contest to promote performances. We work with social media platforms in addition to meeting.

Each board member was given a chance to further their skills by creating promotional videos, designing t-shirt, design posters, and whatever else the board is in need of for promoting events.

Below are some brief posts of what I accomplished while being apart  of Center Stage:


I chose to participate in a Social Media practicum for Fall Semester 2016.

I was assigned to work with the BYU-I Online Advising and was paired up with another student. Together we worked together to plan out our media strategy and create campaigns for our page and department. Every Tuesday, we met with our supervisor to report what we had done for the week and to discuss what we could work on for the following weeks.

Below is a brief post about what I accomplished during the length of the practicum:


I chose to join AAF (American Advertising Federation) for Winter Semester 2017.

I joined the copywriting team and we are now in the process of creating a campaign. We will go to Portland, Oregon to present our campaign.

I am currently still a member of AAF and in the process of helping with our campaign.