Wake Up and Makeup

I have always had a love of makeup and what it can do, so I decided to make an icon set of the different makeup products I use. I started of with my sketches. They were very rough, considering I am not the best at drawing, but it left me room for interpretation. I sketched different idea I had for the different icons I wanted to create. I thought of actually products I used and even used those items as inspiration.

After I had my sketches done, I went to work in Adobe Illustrator making vector graphic drafts. I worked to add shadows and make them look realistic and more 3D than 2D:

Icon Draft.png

I made a mascara wand with a smear, eyelashes, lip gloss, nail polish, eyeliner with a streak, and lipstick. However, I could see that it was going to be hard to see the the lashes, as well as the smear and eyeliner streak. I went back to work and created 6 additional icons–ones that would work better when it came time to blow them up or to shrink. I stuck to a general color scheme and carried that throughput my icons.


The 12 Icons are the finished set. I’ve been able to see that I can actually work in Adobe Illustrator to create things the way I see them. I learned the value of repetition and carried that throughout my icon set. I had them at different angles before, but decided to make them all point upward.


Time is Real

For this project, my goal was to make a watch that looks realistic. I went to my sketch book and went to work figuring different parts of a watch and their shading. I focused my sketches heavily on the shading of the watch parts to gain a good sense of how lighting works.


After looking through multiple watches, I found a photo of a watch from Pinterest that I wanted to use as my inspiration for my own watch. I liked the design and thought the lighting was interesting on the metal part of the watch.


I went to work in Adobe Illustrator, and played around with different shapes and gradients to product a watch. I can definitely see where improvement can be made, but seeing as this is my first attempt and creating something photo-realistic, I am proud of how it turned out.watch-project-original-realism-take-4-01


The results were better than expected and I actually quite enjoyed the project. It was a lot of work, but it paid off in the end.

Product Campaign: Billboard

Task: create an outdoor advertisement (billboard) for my product. Have the dimensions be 7″ width x 3″ depth.



Process: I had a set design theme I wanted for all of my projects. I kept to that, but decided to change up the image seen on the phone, so that you wouldn’t be looking at the same things again and again. I wanted to make it slightly different. I keep the wording simple, so that as you drove by the billboard, you would be exposed to the most important aspects of the product: the name, what it is, and the logo.

Product Campaign: Print Ad

My task: Design an 8″ by 10.5″ full-color, magazine ad for my product.

Final Result:


Process: I wanted to give this as a modern feel. The app itself is advertised as new and as the next big thing. Naturally, I wanted my ad to reflect the qualities of the product. To give it a unique and modern feel, I turned some of the text sideways, had the main photo be slightly more off to the side, and used geometric shapes. I also used a combination of bold colors and test to make it stand out.

I used a combination of Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator during the design process. I used Photoshop to put a color overlay on one of the photos and then had it transferred over to InDesign. I used illustrator for the creation of the logo.

Project 9: Portfolio


Project Corrections / Time spent: I spent two hours correcting and recreating a project of mine. The first project I chose to correct was my flier. It was the first project I’d ever done and I felt like it needed a few changes. I changed the font to Bebas and changed the body copy font to Sanford. I then aligned the text a little more and reorganized a few things.

I then corrected my stationery. I re-did the back of the business card to interact more with the design. I made the bean on the front slightly small to match the size of the text. I then moved the bean on my letterhead, so then it wasn’t too heavy on one side. I liked the overall design, but felt as if something more could be done with the design.

I then completely re-did my montage. I wasn’t a big fan of my previous montage and felt I need to re-do it. I found two photos I liked and blended them together.

Message: To show my design skills and my design style.

Audience: Potential employers and clients.

Top Thing Learned: How to work with master pages

Future application of Visual Media: I will use it to help me better develop my skills in visual communication. I can use these new skills to better tell a story.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic – Blue

Title Font Name & Category: Bromello – Script & Basic Title – San Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Avenir – San Serif

Thumbnails of Images used:


Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):

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Project 8: Brochure

Front, Back, Inside:

Description: Create a full bleed, two sided, folding brochure

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): The first step I took was designing my logo in Adobe Illustrator. I wanted my logo to have a modern feel to it, so I came up with the idea of the repeating circles. I chose a font I felt had a similar vibe. I used to shape tool to make the circle and then held down the “option” button to repeat the same size circle. I learned how to import fonts into the adobe programs and used them to create the text. I then tool the line tool and created the line under the makeup artists name.

The next step was setting up the brochure in Adobe InDesign. I wanted a tri-fold, so I used the ruler tool to insure I had the measurements right. After I placed the rulers on my design, I found the images I wanted to use and imported them into the design. I edited more of them in Photoshop and added a cool-colored filter to them to better match the colors of my brochure. I added shapes through using the pen tool and lowered the opacity to have a more modern effect.

To style the paragraphs, I created a paragraph style. I set the style to have no hyphens, be specific font, size, and spacing. After creating it I applied it to my body copy. I then made some headings to add hierarchy to the text. I had the text wrap around these headings. I took a photo in Photoshop and cut out the background. After doing so, I then took the stepping for the text to wrap around that photo as well.

I wanted the front to have a cutout triangle shape, so I used to line tool and ruler to show me where to mark. Through doing this, I was able to know where to cut on my final printout.

Message: A makeup artist with plenty of experience. One who is well trained in her practice and understands quality makeup.

Audience: I wanted to appeal to those looking for someone who knows what they’re doing with makeup. I wanted to communicate with them both visually and written of the work the makeup artist has done.

Top Thing Learned: Text wrap–how to manipulate the text to go around the image.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic – Black, white, and grey

Title Font Name & Category: Bromello – Script

Copy Font Name & Category: Aviar New – San Serif

Word Count of copy: 269

Thumbnails of Images used:

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