Social Media: Practicum

I chose to be part of a social media practicum for Fall semester 2016.

We were assigned a specific business/department to work with and were paired up with another student.

After receiving our partner and department, the first thing we did was look at the situation at hand. We looked at what was needed for our social media accounts and took into account our department’s audience. Since we were paired with the Online Advising department, we wanted to focus solely on those who are online students. We wanted to make posts that would provide them with resources they can’t get from being on campus, as well as make them feel like they are part of this school as much as the full-time students are.

Some of the things we decided to post on a consistent basis include:

Weekly devotional posts. Every week we wanted to make sure the online student knew what was going on with devotional. We would post a picture of the speaker, along with a short bio and a way for them to listen to it.

Weekly skills posts. Since online students don’t have access to all the things we have access to as on-campus student, we decide to do a weekly post to an article the has relevance to skill you need as a professional. We decided to post articles like networking article, interview skills articles, and so forth.

Important deadlines. We wanted to have the online student be aware of the deadlines just as much as the campus student, so anytime anything.

Highlights from events on campus. This deals with things such as registration deadlines and holiday posts. There was a P2B conference that was on campus and we posted a few things to highlight each of the speakers.

To help make these ideas a possibility, we created our own graphics, as well as borrowed photos and biographies from the school’s website for our posts. We would share the content by going in individually and posting things to the different social media accounts or using hootsuite to aid in scheduling posts to all platforms of media.

This semester our goal for the online advising department was to create content. Once we had regular content, our plan was to boost our following.

Almost every Tuesday, we would all meet together as a class to discuss different aspects of social media. Right after class, my partner and I would meet with are supervisor to discuss strategies and to report what we had accomplished during the week.

Examples of content I’ve created for our online advising social media accounts: