Who Am I?

For public speaking, I chose to write a teleprompter speech. I purpose of this speech is to write and give an introductory speech of who I am and what my purpose is.  I researched, prepared, wrote and will give the teleprompter speech to the rest of my class.  It has to be interesting, informative, and to the point.  I have to make this speech appropriate and applicable to my audience, which is my posterity or family.


Who am I? Well, let me tell you. I have a story to share that may be similar to yours. I believe everyone has a unique story to tell and I’m going to tell mine.

Through my determination, I have learned to overcome fear. I have learned that taking small steps is important. I have learned to laugh and find joy in the small moments of life, but more importantly, I have learned about myself and who I am.

I am determined. I can overcome anything regardless of how much it scares me. Because on my determination, it makes me self-motivated and seek after what I want and what’s going to make me a better person.

I’ve gone on a mission even though it scared me. I served in Baton Rouge, Louisiana,
and while I was down there, knocking doors was part of what we were asked to do. At first it was something I loathed and something that scared me. After being rejected so many times, you begin to think it’s useless. We could have given up, but instead we chose to do something about it. We were determined to make knocking doors an enjoyable experience.

So what did we do?

Well, you see, we decided before every door, we had to make up a word. We would come up with the most ridiculous words… words like discombobulate, nincompoop, and dongle. We then proceeded to try and use those words in the conversations we had with people whose doors we knocked on. Believe or not, we found a way to use words like nincompoop in a gospel discussion.

From this experience, I have learned that I am more capable of things, than I think I am. Because of my determination, I was able to overcome my fear. I met people I love with all my heart… people we were able to teach and see baptized. I got to live in an entirely new place… a place that’s as foreign as it can get in the united states. More importantly I got to experience something I would have never experienced if I had given into the fear I had.

When I returned home from my mission, I realized how much I loved learning. On the mission, every morning we would get up and do an hour of gospel study. Most of the time, that hour of study included searching out things for the people we were teaching. It was amazing how much I learned through trying to learn for others. I decided I wanted to have an opportunity to focus solely on learning for myself. I wanted to come to a school where I could be surrounded by the gospel. Long story short, it lead me to come to BYU-Idaho.

When I was applying for BYU-Idaho, the same fear and doubt that hit me when I was preparing for a mission came back. I began to doubt my ability to go to school. I began to question whether anything would come of it. In fact, I still doubt myself even after being at school for four semesters. But because of my mission, I learned determination. Because of my determination, it lead me to go to school despite my doubts.

I found this quote from an anonymous author that says: “Focus on what you can, not what you can’t. Small steps turn into miles.”

This quote is something everyone should take to heart. Through focusing one what is in my control, I have overcome doubts about a mission, school, and gain determination.

Through my experiences, I have come to understand my purpose in this life. I’ve come to learn what God’s plan is for me.

There is a quote from an article written by Ariel Szuch, that says: “For a lot of my life, I’ve wondered if I was messing up God’s plan for me.

I’ve agonized over making the right choice … I’ve wondered if I’m even capable of reaching my potential. It’s tempting to think that God has some master plan that He’s measuring me against, and if I take one misstep I’ve missed my chance for happiness forever …

It all came down to this: Me learning is the plan. Me changing is the plan. And there are a lot of good ways to do that. If I keep turning to Jesus after turning away, if I’m committed to keep learning, keep trying, and rest when I need to, I’m following His plan for me.”

I can strongly relate to what Ariel is saying. When things don’t seem to work out, I know that if I keep trying, that things will be okay. One of the biggest things that has helped me in my life has been learning to be goofy and to find joy in the little things of life. I have learned that people who can make me laugh, play such an invaluable part in my life.

I would rather spend my time stomping in puddles and making jokes about the snow because it is so much more fun than complaining about it. I would rather laugh because the opposite is frowning. And laughter is so much more enjoyable.

My first semester at BYU-Idaho would have gone by a lot slower, had I not had certain people in my life. They taught me to be goofy. I distinctly remember a time where we wanted to go sledding. Instead of complaining about not having a sled, we decided to use a cookie sheet. After driving to a hill and attempting to slid down on a cookie sheet, we quickly realized a cookie sheet is not ideal for supporting our weight. We could have given up there, but no. We were determined to go sledding. We ended up finding and using a box from someone’s car instead. And it worked. We got a good solid ten to fifteen uses out of it before it finally gave out.

In situations like that, because I chose to laugh, what would otherwise been a stressful situation turned into memorable experience. What made that experience so memorable was the people I was with. Because of them, I have been able to enjoy finding little things that make this small city of Rexburg great. They have taught me to find joy in the journey of life.

I found this quote by an anonymous author that says: “You’re so hard on yourself. Take a moment. Sit back. Marvel at your life… at the grief that soften you, at the heartache that wisened you, at the suffering that strengthen you. Despite everything, you still grow. Be proud of this.”

Be proud of what you have accomplished.

There are a few steps you can take to make sure you are accomplishing things you wish to accomplish. I found this article written by Sean Johnson that lists the steps. Step one is to ask for direction. We can sometimes forget to check with our Heavenly Father who has a plan for us. He knows things we can’t see better than anyone else. If we all but ask, He can help guide us.

The next step Sean gave us is to think small. Often, it’s the small steps that move us forward. Too quickly we forget that “out of small things proceedeth that which is great.” Be patient and remember the wisdom of “line upon line” and step by step.

The next step he mentions is to take time to reflect. Regular self-evaluations ensure we’re making progress. Simply asking, “How am I doing so far?” goes a long way.

The last thing Sean urges us to keep in mind is to keep trying. “One of God’s greatest gifts,” President Monson said, “is the joy of trying again, for no failure ever need be final.” Don’t let discouragement get the best of you when you fail at first.

Keep going. Keep pushing. Keep trying.

All too often it is so easy to give up on your goals and what you wish to accomplish. I am one who is always making new year’s resolutions with a long list of things I hope to do and become. However, not long after I make the list, it get’s shoved in some drawer where it is bond to never be seen again. I know the list I made would have been more meaningful had I taken the time to take the steps I mentioned. Maybe if I had asked for direction, thought of the small steps I could take, reflected on it, and then kept trying, that list of goals and things to do wouldn’t just be a piece of paper in my drawer.

There’s a scripture I like in Doctrine and Covenants sixty four thirty three, that says “Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.”

Out of the list of things you can do to accomplish what you wish to accomplish, taking small steps is probably one of the most important things you can do. Whenever I have something huge I wish to accomplish, it is incredibly daunting to think about everything I need to get done to accomplish that thing. However, I’ve realized that it I just focus on what’s in front of me and taking one small step at a time, that huge thing I want to accomplish becomes a reality.

Going on my mission was one of those huge things I wanted to accomplish. When I decided to go, I could only think of all the things I had to do. I had to buy the proper clothes, I needed some good suitcases, I needed to go out with the missionaries to practice teaching, I needed to get interviewed, I needed to save money, and so forth. When I thought of everything I had to do, it seemed impossible and overwhelming. It felt like something I would never accomplish, but through tackling one thing at a time, I got everything done. I was able to be as prepared for a mission as I could be.

Through my determination, I have learned to overcome fear. I have learned that taking small steps is important. I have learned to laugh and find joy in the small moments of life, but more importantly, I have learned about myself and who I am.

Remember that “God cares a lot more about who we are and who we are becoming than about who we once were. He cares that we keep on trying.”

I believe everyone has a unique story to tell and this was mine.


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