Time is Real

For this project, my goal was to make a watch that looks realistic. I went to my sketch book and went to work figuring different parts of a watch and their shading. I focused my sketches heavily on the shading of the watch parts to gain a good sense of how lighting works.


After looking through multiple watches, I found a photo of a watch from Pinterest that I wanted to use as my inspiration for my own watch. I liked the design and thought the lighting was interesting on the metal part of the watch.


I went to work in Adobe Illustrator, and played around with different shapes and gradients to product a watch. I can definitely see where improvement can be made, but seeing as this is my first attempt and creating something photo-realistic, I am proud of how it turned out.watch-project-original-realism-take-4-01


The results were better than expected and I actually quite enjoyed the project. It was a lot of work, but it paid off in the end.


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