Public Speaking: Mission Statements

Assignment: We were asked to to write our own personal mission statement about we we will become and who we are. After writing them, we had the opportunity to go to our schools broadcasting studio and have ourselves recorded while we read our mission statements off the teleprompter.

My Experience: I have learned that there is a lot of work that goes into making the teleprompter an effective tool for the speaker. After having the experience of reading my mission statement, my class and I were able to go and visit the BYU-I Center where they hold weekly devotionals. We were able to visit the teleprompter control room, as well as hear from those in charge of writing and putting together the teleprompters used during the devotionals. We were able to have a chance to speak using the four different teleprompters they had around the pulpit. It was an amazing experience that helped me grow in my knowledge of how teleprompter work and how they can be an effective tool.

Below are some picture from the experience:


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