On the Media Podcast: We Gotta Try Harder

I listened to On the Media’s podcast: We Gotta Try Harder. The length of the podcast was 50 minutes and aired on 1 April 2016.


President Obama gave a speech in which he criticized journalistic irresponsibility. However, some critics say the he worked to block press access. On the Media takes a look at the unfortunate situation of public information under a puzzling administration. In addition, On the media went into discussing the ethics of reading news digging deeper into the idea of “momentum” when it comes to election season. In addition, they discuss a journalist who went undercover to fight for justice and about how he used every tool and disease at his disposal.


Throughout this podcast, On the Media goes deeper into this topic of the government saying they are being transparent but then denies press access to government documents. They use clips of President Obama saying thing like they are transparent or journalist are irresponsible to give them credibility when they say the president said these things.

I believe they are trying to make a point the the government is failing to meet the freedom of information act and want to know why. They have an investigative reporter can and talk about why the secrecy in the government might be. I feel like it gives them more claim as to what is going on. They make these compelling argument that I believe they use to get people to think about what’s happening. They argue that the government wants to stifle people we want to make it easier to access government records and information. They guest speaker believe that the government is afraid of certain conversations getting released. This reporter even said he’s received government papers talking about how they are trying to kill freedom of information. I like that he doesn’t just say papers, but says 1000’s of papers. I feel as if he uses it as a tool to say he’s got plenty of information on it.


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