On the Media Podcast: Trending Topics

I listened to On the Media’s podcast: Trending Topics. The length of the podcast was about 50 minutes and aired on 22 April 2016.


This podcast goes into whether it is worse to have a set of rules that control what new you see or have human decide which news you see. There have accusations that Facebook’s Trending Topics really aren’t data driven, but are instead driven by the platforms power. On the Media uses multiple examples to help their audience reach their own conclusions about whether or not this claim is true and what Facebook’s motives could be. Facebook news could have more of an impact on us than we realize.


At the very begging of the podcast, the speaker uses the phrase: “Facebook got accused of journalism?” I believe by the speaker using this phrase he is trying to point of that while yes an accusation has been made about Facebook, there could still be something that we are not seeing. I love that he did that because it gets listeners to keep listening to what is being said throughout the podcast. They want to know if what Facebook is being accused of is true. I loved that the speaker did it in the form of a question too, as if to say that they are going to hopefully answer is.

They present things that make you think, such as what’s Facebook’s motive if this claim is true? On the Media uses credible source to back up this idea and claim. They have speakers on the show that is a journalist and one that’s a communication professor. Both study things related to this topic. On the Media’s guest speaker gives evidence by saying that documents were accidentally released about inserting specific news into Facebook feed. However, Facebook’s claims not to be a news site, but a platform that occasionally has business will people who want their news out there. Facebook could potentially be trying to cover their butts.


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