On the Media Podcast: Kidnapped

I listened to On the Media’s podcast: Kidnapped. The length of the podcast was about 51 minutes and aired on 22 April 2016.


There is a high threat of kidnapping in the country of Syria. It has made it one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists to go. In this podcast, we get to know how we get our news from a country that’s nearly impossible to visit and report on, and why the world’s policy on hostages means that some live to tell the tale, and others don’t.


They start off the very first part of the podcast telling the story of a reporter name John Cantlie. He was kidnapped in 2012, along with another reporter. One reporter was beheaded, and the other wasn’t. John Cantlie was the one who wasn’t. The media can twist the truth about his kidnapping and leave out important detail, which is why you have to be careful what you listen to, according to On the Media

While in captivity, ISIS used John Cantlie is propaganda. Some had thought he’d turned on them, but others know you can’t judge someone like that when they are in captivity. Cantlie had no help from the British government and was just doing what he could to survive. I feel like in this section of the podcast, On the Media is trying to use you’re emotion to tell a story.

John Cantlie is a seasoned professional when it comes to journalism. He has worked in some of the more dangerous countries.  They back up this claim by using the names of these countries.While he was in captivity, almost no one would say anything about him because they didn’t want to hasten his death. He’s been kidnapped twice now. So might say he’s the author of his own plight, but he knew the dangers, but choose to face them to be able to tell the story there.


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