On the Media Podcast: Print is Back, Back Again

I listened to On the Media Podcast: Print is Back, Back Again. It was 49 minutes long and was aired on 11 March 2016.


The basis of this podcast was to spend time covering all things print related. They talked about the journey of adult coloring books throughout the years and the and how the South Korean government would like to start becoming well known for their literature. On the Media discusses a recent turn of events in which specific books have gone up in sales. In addition, they discuss the logistics of a book store that amazon has opened up and what purpose that store serves. From the look of things print seems to be making its way back. On the Media discusses if it truly is making a comeback or if it’s a dream some hold onto.


Throughout this entire podcast, I noticed have good On the Media was a seamlessly weaving statistics into the information they were giving. It wasn’t even just On the media giving the statistics, a lot of the time it was the guest speaker that chose to throw in some statistics. I believe that most people realize the impact statistics can make in swaying people to listen to what they are saying and to believe the speaker has some credibility.

One thing I love about On the Media, is that fact that they always bring in people from the field of study they are discussing. They themselves don’t just talk about their opinion, but get the opinions from the people around them who know what they are talking about. It more credible to them as a podcast show.

One the Media’s guest speaker pointed out that a lot of book sales are from adult coloring books and books by YouTube stars. This fact alone goes to show you that the audience of print books is niche. As time goes on those niche audiences change, but there will most likely continue to be some niche audience somewhere that is willing to buy something in print.

What makes print unique today is that it is time that we have as individuals to get away from as screen. It is there to get use a break from looking at a computer all day long and to hand something physical.


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