Media Observation 24: Old Navy’s “First Day of School”

I love this commercial. The situation the kid is in is one I am sure a lot of kids could relate to. I like it not only because it is relatable, but I feel like parents fear they are going to be that parent that embarrasses their kid. Old Navy is trying to get across the message that if you buy clothes at their store, your kid doesn’t have to be embarrassed.

Another message they are sending is that parents don’t know what style of clothing is “hip.” Kids know what they like and kids like old navy clothes, so therefore you should buy all your kids clothes there. If you do, your child will fit in at school.

In the commercial, when the mom asks how much the clothing was, she responded with shock when they told her how much the clothing cost. Old Navy is trying to say that they have good deals on clothing. By the mom being surprised, it sends the message that even a parent (who can clearly afford more) thinks that’s a good deal!

Overall, this commercial was well done and got their message across clearly, while still having a bit of humor to it.



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