Media Observation 23: K-mart’s “Ship My Pants”

This commercial is one that is meant to be funny. It using play on words to sound like they are saying something completely different. K-mart is advertising that you can have stuff from the store shipped to you house. Humor is sometimes the best things to use and I think they did a good job of it here. Because they used humor, people will watch it, laugh, and then show those around them the video. People will then continue and continue to share the video, resulting in more free advertising for K-mart.

I loved that they used a variety of people. They used black, white, old, and young people. I believe they are trying to send this message that they are a family oriented store for people of all ages. That’s what they had the family in the commercial too.

I like that it showed the family at the end of the commercial hugging the employee. I feel as if it serves the purpose of saying that k-mart’s employees are extremely helpful and you will love them so much, you will want to give them a hug. The way that the family was asking questions about the pants and the employee being able to answer goes to show you that their employees know things about the products and can help you same money.


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