Media Observation 22: Hyundai’s “First Date”

This commercial uses humor to get people to recognize their product. You can tell right away that it is going to be funny because they have Kevin Hart play the dad and he is a well-known comedian. They you him specifically because it will keep people watching the commercials. They will see Kevin Hart and know right away that it is going to be funny.

The scenario is probably one a lot of dads could relate to. They are typically protective of their daughters, therefore they use this scenario of a daughter going on a first date to relate to their audience, which is the fathers. The fathers are typically the ones with the money and car offer cars. That’s why they’re aiming this commercial at them.

They give the father’s everywhere a reason as to why they should buy the car that is talked about in the commercial. It presents the reason that if you buy this car, you can keep an eye on your little girl and know what she’s up. They are appealing to that protective side of fathers everywhere.

Overall, it’s a well done commercial that I believe is highly effective in getting their point across.



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