Media Observation 21: Taylor Swift’s “Style”

Throughout this whole music video, the visuals do a lot to back up the storyline of the song. The first thing we see is Taylor Swift and inside her outline we see the outline of a guy. It then fades to just the guy, giving us the impression that we are seeing things through her perspective.

The guy who plays the male character looks similar to James Dean, which refers back to her lyrics. When we see Taylor she looks like she’s longing for him, but is very calm about it, like she is okay with it. It is her making this argument that she can go through tough things and be okay. From what we can see, this guy is not okay with it and is restless.

We see Taylor Swift walking through this forest with fog around her. The scene makes everything look dream like. Almost like everything that happened was just a dream. Because of the dimmed lights throughout the entire video, it gives you a nighttime/dream feel to the whole video, as if saying this whole relationship was just a dream.

We hear the lyrics, “I should just tell you to leave.” As we hear those lyrics, we see the struggle on through Taylor’s body language.  We see her with shards of a mirror and we see their reflections in it. Through the reflection, it gives you the impression they are standing near each other. The shard represents their broken relationship. The last thing you see is the changing weather near the end of the video, represent the up and downs of their relationship.

Overall, this music video has some strong visual to back up what Taylor Swift is singing in the song. It is a masterfully crafted music video.


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