Media Observation 20: twenty one pilots “Stressed Out”

The song that twenty one pilots sings in the music video is all about how they have had to grow up. They miss being young and not having to worry about things. The whole point of the song is backed up throughout this entire music video.

Since they miss being kids, all the things in this video resemble things kids would do. The first scene of the music video, you see the main singer riding on a bike that looks like it was made for kids. You see him riding to his friend’s house, which is what kids do when they don’t have a car.

The moment he arrives at his friend’s house, they do a secret handshake and proceed to perform in the living room of the house. You can tell the house is the guys parents’ house and that if they were kids, that’s where they would perform. Throughout the music video, we see other references to being a kid, like old childhood photos and old trophies. We even see their family telling them what to do, like you would a kid. All of this adds up to their main point, which is that they miss being carefree and young.

Overall, I think this music video is well done. They communicated their message well and got their point across.


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