Media Observation 19: Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”

I think this video is brilliant when it come to getting across the message of the song taylor sings. The whole purpose of the song is to tell this story of how people view Taylor Swift as one thing, but how they perceive her isn’t who she really is. In the song, she chooses to tell the story of how she shakes off any of the preconceived notions off who people think she is.

In the video, you see her with multiple different groups. You see her with ballerinas, rappers, interpretive dancers and so forth. In each group, there is an expectation as to what is expected. Instead of doing what  is expected, we see Taylor Swift doing the exact opposite. We see her doing “her own thing” rather than conform to what the group would expect her to do. I believe she is trying to back up her lyrics.

The overall video seems to be something that is fun to watch. It is entertaining and Taylor Swift uses that to get people to watch it. However, in between all the silly entertainment lies the deeper message that people are going to do what they are going to do, so I am just going to be me.


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