Media Observation 18: twenty one pilots “Blurryface Tour Highlight”

In the short clip, it gives you exactly as the title of the video says: a highlight of twenty one pilots tour. I believe the reason behind these short little clips that they post is to give their fans something that makes them feel closer to the band. Fans love to feel that closeness and I feel like this video is accomplishing that.

These short clips show the band and some of there moments performing on stage. They aid in making the the viewer feel like they were there and watching the show for themselves. Just seeing the clips can create a desire for them to want to attend one of their shows, especially since they seem to only highlight parts of the show that were the most exciting.

I like that it started off with a clip of the two band members simply talking. They were talking about everyday things regarding their tour and being goofy about it. I loved that they showed it at the beginning because it started off the clip with a more intimate setting to immediate make you feel more connected to them. In a sense, It makes you keep watching because you want to know more about the band and what they are going to reveal about themselves.

Overall, it was a well done clip that serves to connect the band with their countless fans.


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