On The Media Podcast: The Zika Effect

I listened to On the Media: The Zika Efffect. The podcast aired 12 February 2016 and runs for about 49 minutes.


The podcast I listened to focused entirely around the Zika virus. They discussed everything there is to the know about the virus as well as it’s symptoms and the impact of the virus on the lives of everyday American citizens. The topic of Zika has been highly covered, but yet it is still fairly unknown. On The Media steps away from the panicked headlines the media presents and looks at what we have yet know about the virus. They then take a look at global issues surrounding the virus, such climate control and reproductive rights.


The argument they are making is that Americans only worry about viruses when they have a potential threat to the US. America first worried about the Ebola virus when the first US case was reported, but now they turn their attention to a more predominant virus outbreak, which is called the Zika virus. It could potentially have a greater impact on the US than Ebola.

On The Media presents the basis facts such as Zika being a mosquito spread virus. The symptoms of the Zika virus our minor ones and most people compare the virus to being flu like, however if a pregnant mother contracts the Zika virus, the baby can be born with microcephaly and other birth defects.

Zika has now become a Global health emergency and they are telling women in regions such as Brazil to avoid pregnancy. On The Media wants to cover and present information to their audience about what this means for Americas future when it comes to viruses much more serious. In their show they mention that people only prepare for something (such as an epidemic) when they are freaked out. On the show, they state that when the media freaks people out and they prepare only to have nothing happen the begin to develop what they refer to “cried wolf syndrome” meaning they start to disregard things that could be harmful. Everyone need to be prepared to some extent and they argue this by say unofficially, the virus is everywhere because mosquitos are basically everywhere.

They present multiple different facts and aspects to the virus that I feel aid and help in the topics they are discussing and talking about. They use credible authors who add to the authority of the show.


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