On the Media Podcast: Never Again, Again

I listened to On the Media Podcast: Never Again, Again. It was 50 minutes long and was aired 17 June 2016.


Throughout the podcast, they discussed the events of the Orlando mass shooting. They dove into deeper topics that have surfaced since the shooting in Orlando. The topics they covered were ones such as LGBT rights, gun control, and terrorism. They have a gay Muslim on the show to further discuss the use of the words “radical Islam” and whether or not it is appropriate to forget violent extremism. It then moves on and discusses topics such as the meaning behind the second amendment and how it has evolved.


One thing I noticed right away while listening to the podcast is the use of music playing in the background as they present the main idea of their show. While the dramatic and rather sad music is playing, they add clips of people saying particular things about what they are going to be discussing. Their audience hears clips of particular people, such as Obama and news anchors covering the topics at hand. All these people, in one form or another, have an authority to say the things they do. I believe they are trying to appeal to your emotions to draw you in and have you focus on what is being said. In a sense, they are saying that they have an authority and you should listen to them.

A big appeal to authority they are making is the people they have speak on the show. Their guests are those who have background on what is being discussed. When it comes to the LGBT community and terrorism relating to Muslims, they have a gay Muslim on the show. Because of his position of being gay and a Muslim, it gives him more authority behind what he is saying.

They then have a professor who studying international studies and has a book on the topic come talk about terrorism and go more in-depth. They have one more person that has a background and association to the topic of gun control talk. They use who have a knowledge of these topics to boost the credibility of what’s being said.


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