Media Observation 17: Demassification

Demassification is the process of mass media becoming viewed by smaller groups. All mass media is intended to be for the largest audience possible, due to the fact that producers want to make as much money as they can.

Taking a look at movies and TV shows, we see that they are expensive to produce. As a producer it is important to make sure money is being made off the show. Consumers don’t like seeing things that don’t pertain to their lifestyle, gender, age, job, or stage of life. This includes the advertisements seen through TV shows.

As more and more TV shows and movies are produced, audiences become smaller and smaller. Because of the audiences becoming smaller, producers now have to target in on a very specific audience. In other words, media is limiting their audience. Producers want to give their specific audience something they will like, rather than guessing at what a broad audience will want.

When it comes to mass media like certain magazines, they have been able to stay around longer because they focus in a very specific topic. They constantly try to learn everything there is to know about that topic so that they will be able to more fully appeal to those who are interested in the topic at hand.

Demassifacation is happening with magazine such as Tiger Beat or Seventeen. They specifically aim the magazines at teens and what teens are interested in. When it comes to TV shows, on Disney Channel their shows are aimed at younger audiences as well.


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