Media Observation 16: Advertising & Product Placement


city-marketing-lights-night.jpgAdvertising is turning over time to an advertiser for them to communicate their message. However, people don’t watch ad’s as much and tend to avoid them. It’s not that people don’t like ads, it’s that they don’t like ads that are unrelated to them. While watching cable television, advertisers have a hard time time knowing their audience. Therefore consumers get more unrelated advertisements.

Ad’s are how media makes money. That is what makes the shows we watch on cable television free to us. When we are willing to pay not to have a commercials, that is how companies will pay for you to  have the media. We are essentially making up what the producer would have gotten for the TV show.

Views of ads are declining, so companies try different ways to make them memorable. They make them shocking so people talk about them or companies try to make people mad. Sometimes companies will make a commercial awful just so people will talk about it, therefore providing even more advertising for the product/company.

Since consumers don’t like to watch commercials, companies have become more creative in their advertising. They’ve become more creative through placing their product into a movie or show. This is called product placement. Sometimes it will just show the product and other times they will work lines into the script that advertise the product and make it part of the story. One of the most recent product placements I saw was in the movie Zoolander 2. Twice throughout the movie they mention Netflix’s DVD plan.



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