Media Observation 15: Streaming Shows & Movies

When it come to the effectiveness of streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and VidAngel, they are highly effective in attracting users. People dislike having to watch five minutes, however they fail to see that commercials pay for the content they are viewing. Most people find they would rather pay a monthly subscription of around $10 for a wide variety of shows available.

The different streaming services each have some thing unique that they offer. When it comes to Hulu, they offer the newest shows to it’s user. The have more new shows than Netflix, however one downside is that you pay a monthly subscription and still get a few commercials. However, the commercials are not for 5-7 minutes straight. They are only around a minute and a half. You can pay $4 more and have no commercials.

When it comes to Netflix, you pay a monthly subscription and get no commercials whatsoever. One downside is that you have to wait for the newest shows and movies to be released and you do not get them right away.

VidAngel is on one that requires no monthly subscription and has no commercials. They have some of the most recent movies and allow you to edit them. The only downside is that you have to pay $20 the first time you watch a movie and $1 for each additional movie you watch.

Rather than pay for cable with a bunch of channels you don’t want, you can pay to specifically watch the shows and movies you want to. Overall, I see streaming services continue to do better and better. I see a decline in cable television declining as the streaming services offered get better.


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