Center Stage: Update Four

CSstar-blackThis week has been another successful and busy week working for Center Stage. We are prepping and coming up with ideas to market our upcoming show, Patriots and Pioneers. We have come up with and are planning an all-american food competition to promote the Fourth of July show. We also have plans to go all out on our booth through having cut outs of Uncle Sam and Captain america.

We have been brainstorming ideas for branding ourselves next semester. We want the student on campus to be able to associate Center Stage with the concerts that are coming to campus. We want students to know that it is us who put on those shows. We have been discussing having magnets with our show dates on them, having t-shirts (hence the design below), vinyl stickers, and so forth.

I was able to finish the T-shirt design. I wanted to design them to help with our goal of branding Center Stage. I chose to go with a simple Center Stage logo on the front and our social media information on the back. I created this design with the idea that we will be wearing them while passing out fliers and promoting our shows. I wanted to go with a more simple design to make it easier for people to know who we are.


3 thoughts on “Center Stage: Update Four

  1. Center stage really keeps you guys busy! I think that it is smart to get products out there to let people know who is putting these events on. The more people know, the better. Good work!


  2. It looks like you’re all doing a great job and are creating some valuable momentum for Center Stage. I especially appreciate that you’re planning ahead so that next semester you can pick up where you’re leaving off, rather than having to reinvent the wheel again. I’m looking forward to the Patriots and Pioneers concert, but also for the fun things you’ll be doing to accompany it Great job!

    Check out what I’ve been up to here:


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