Observation 12: United Breaks Guitars

This is an incredible example of how effective people can be in getting there point across. In this video this guys uses a song he wrote to get back at united for braking one of his very expensive guitars. Because of this video he cost the company thousands of dollars in sales of plane tickets. This goes to show you how important it is to have good customer service or something like this could happen to your company.

The fact that he uses a song to get his point across makes it entertaining to those watching the video. People love music and through making a song, it is something that is catchy and something that will get stuck in peoples head, who will then sing it in other places. The message will then be able to spread even further.

Another aspect this video brings that keeps people attention is humor. They exaggerate what happened to make this video funny. Because this video is funny, people continue to watch it. Once they watch it and find it funny, they then will show it to their friends, who will then show it to their friends, and so forth. This video is highly effective in making sure the message is spread.


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