Media Observation 9: Dairy Queen’s “Brownie Batter”

10 May 2016:

I chose this commercial because it is one I have remembered since I first saw several years ago. It is one that uses the element of shock to get across their message. I believe that is why it has been so memorable to me. As a child, it was a commercial that shocked me and therefore left it engrained in my memory. That goes to show you how effective a shocking commercial can be.

They use this idea that it is more safe to eat Dairy Queen’s brownie blizzard than it is to make brownie’s at home. They want you to get this idea in your head that their blizzard is the better choice. In a sense, they are using your emotions to make you favor them.

I like that they use brownies through their commercial. Brownies are an american tradition, I feel like. It appears as if they are trying to send another message about their restaurant being an all American business, which some people could find appealing. It is not a message that can immediately be seen, but I think it is a sub message that they are trying to send.

The way they have the guy in the commercial speak gives him almost an authoritative voice for the commercial. Even though he is not a celebrity, when they show his getting he tongue caught in the mixer, they give him creditability. They ant people to think he knows what he is talking about.

I like the length of the commercial. It’s only 30 seconds and gets to the point right away. It is quick, to the point, and memorable.


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