Media Observation 13: Me Before You Trailer

Movies trailers are brilliant in the way they can show you some of the best part to draw you in and make you desire to see the movie. They can even blend scenes together to make it more appealing without changing the storyline. I like the trailer in particular because it slowly progresses into something more intense. It start off kinda of interesting and then get’s better and better. It holds your attention long enough for you to make the decision for yourself as to whether or not you will see it. For me it made me want to see the movie.

This trailer gave the impression that it is a sweet love story through the clips it showed. You were able to see specific clips of her facial expression and through her body language. The male’s character displayed the same body language. In addition, they choose to throw in a love song to help with the idea of what this movie is about. I love the song they chose to us. The song is one that is popular and well known, which I believe will help draw people think about this movie every time they hear this song.

I love the image they show at the end of the trailer. The flash the “Me Before You” title. I think once they get you invested in the trailer, they show that to attempt to engrain the movie title in your head and to get you to remember it. Overall, I think the trailer is well done and effective in getting sharing the idea as to what the movie is about.


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