Media Observation 11: Pepsi’s “Say it with Pepsi”

Just like the Coke company and the the names they put on their bottle, Pepsi now has their own version of this. They have recently launched a campaign called “Say it with Pepsi” or “Pepsi Moji.” Pepsi is definitely catching onto something. I think people will respond well to the idea of saying things with an emoji, however I do not see the campaign doing as well as Coke’s. I do not see people being as excited about this campaign due to the fact that they do not have personalized names. I believe the more personalized it is, the more exciting it is to be able to give it to a friend or family member.

I like what this commercial is presenting as well. It is backing up the idea that you don’t have to have words to explain what is going on. Throughout the commercial you see these people being able to communicate just through the emoji’s shown on the bottles of Pepsi. They associate their product with excitement and adventure as well. They do this to get you excited to buy their product and maybe even try it.

Even though I think Coke’s campaign, I still think this one is pretty good as well. When I saw it, I was intrigued because I wanted to see what their version of Coke’s campaign was all about. I like the idea of emoji’s too, since it is something that is in style right now. I can see this being very popular among teenagers, who mainly use emoji’s and are into that.

I feel as if Pepsi’s main audience might have been teenagers and young adults. I believe that if they can get teenagers to buy their soda, than that is the soda that those young people will become used to and continue to buy throughout there lives. I think this aspect of the campaign is genius.

Here are some examples of the campaign:


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