Media Observation 10: VidAngel’s “Game of Thronez”

The first thing I notice right away is that they do a spoof off the original show Game of Throne. Game of Thrones is a show that most people know and is something that will easily capture people’s attention. In addition, VidAngel captures your attention by the question they immediate present at the beginning of the commercial, which is “What makes Game of Thrones so dirty?” It is something that draws you in and makes you curious.

VidAngel uses humor through this commercial to help keep your attention. Because you think what they are saying is funny, you continue to watch, even though it is almost a two and a half minute long commercial. Because you keep watching it, VidAngel is then able to get in all the information they need to for you to understand what their company is in that time. Once you are done watching the commercial, you then have a pretty firm grasp of what the company.

The humor they use even goes right along with what they are trying to say about their company. Their companies offers you edited movies. In the commercial they joke about how the show Game of Thrones is dirty, but they can offer you a clean version of it, therefore giving you the idea that VidAngel is the better option.


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