Center Stage: Update Three

This week has been an eventful one. We had one of our biggest performers, Josh Turner, come and rock out the Hart Building on campus. It was a busy week preparing for the concert, but the show was a big success! Our main focus was to find an effective way to hold a contest to give out free tickets to our upcoming show, David Archuleta!

During the Josh Turner Concert, I had the privilege of shadowing our social media manager and got put in charge of keeping Center Stage’s Instagram account updated. Throughout the show I would post update and highlights of things happening at the concert. I chose to highlight popular songs, the excitement and involvement of the crowd, and other exciting aspects of the concert. We ended up getting some pretty good interaction with the posts.

Now that the Josh Turner show has come and gone, are focus is now on the two upcoming David Archuleta shows. We have been focusing our efforts on running the booth and handing out fliers to boost our ticket sales and attendance to the shows. One common problem we have had is people thinking the tickets are sold out. We have brainstormed as a board to take care of the problem. One of the ideas I presented was to stick something on the lawn signs that says “Tickets still available!” We ended up doing just that and I think it makes all the difference.


In the upcoming weeks, my goal includes to come up with more creative marketing strategies for promoting the shows and branding Center Stage!



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