Media Response: Disney

Disney has made quite an impact in business.

I believe Disney is quite clever when it comes to the way it’s company functions. It is cool to see how much their company has grown and expanded off the original vision Walt Disney himself had for the company. The original plan was to have the Disney company focus solely around their television network and have their stories and shows expand outwards and connect to all other aspects of the company, such as the theme parks, music, merchandise, and so forth.

With the decline in network television, the Disney company has had to adopt a new ways of thinking. They have taken on the channel ESPN, which will almost always be watched, due to the nature of the events having to be viewed live.  However, that is not where their main focus has been turned. Their main focus is now movies. They are recreating the expansion their tv shows caused, only this time doing so with movies instead. I believe they are leaning more towards movies because they can be streamed, which is what the majority of the population is leaning towards.  They are an their way to accomplishing this goal through buying out movie studios such as Pixar. Their most recent purchase has been the rights to the major movie franchise, Star Wars

Disney has this ability to draw their audience back to them again and again through their stories. Disney has been a major contributor in my childhood, and because of how they are adopting, I see it continuing to be a part of futures children’s lives. They are wise to preserve their company through through continuing to make different stories in varying ways. I believe they will go on to grow even more and continue to adopt new methods and time goes on. I see nothing buy growth for this company.



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