Center Stage: Update Two

This week has been an eventful and successful week. We had Molly in the Mineshaft come and perform here on campus. The performance was amazing and the guests thrilled and excited to have them here. With the performance being a success, us board members turned our focus towards promoting Ultimi, our soonest upcoming performance.  It the weeks the follow, our focus will be turned towards solely promoting David Archuleta’s show. Our goal is to sell out both shows, which consists of selling around 3000-4000 tickets. We have already begun discussing contests and ways to get the word out.

I had the opportunity to work on my PR skills, which is a goal I set at the beginning of the semester. I worked our booth in the MC and had the opportunity to interact with the students and talk about the upcoming Center Stage performances. I was able to hand out fliers and promote this weeks coming show.


This semester, I have the opportunity to design t-shirts for our board members. We have decided as a board that we would like to have shirt to wear around campus and at our booth to promote the upcoming shows. I have sketched designs out and I am in the process of designing them. My goal is to have the t-shirt design finish by next week.

In the weeks to follow, I will be shadowing our student director and social media manger. I can’t wait to share my experiences and to talk more about the specifics of what we do to promote the shows.


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