Media Observation 8: This is Water

10 May 2016:

I love that this inspirational video doesn’t just show a person standing and giving a speech on this topic. Instead it uses clips of people and things to tell this story. It illustrates and puts this message into something visual–something that you can see and understand a bit easier. I love the fact that they used graphics intertwined with the video. I feel as if it gives you ever more to look at. It gives you something that makes the video more interesting while still getting the message across.

Music is a big factor in this video as well. The music behind the words being spoken give them more power. It helps you feel the emotion behind the message. Not only that, but It aids in making sure the words and clips blend together, so there are no awkward pauses.

I love the clips of people. It showed different people in different circumstances and helped get across the point that people are different and have different circumstances. How you react to them depends on you. I love seeing the different expressions of theses people and how they interacted. I feel as if it furthered the message.

I found myself feeling as if I wanted to do better. It made me feel like I needed to stand up and do something more with what I make of the situations around. All the factors above have been combined and crafted to help the audience feel that way.


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