Media Observation 7: Dove’s “Patches”

9 May 2016:

I love the commercials Dove puts out for their Real Beauty campaign. Each one, including this one, appeal to an emotional side of the people who view it. Dove is taking a struggle many women deal with and appealing to the emotion. Women struggle with seeing themselves as beautiful and Dove uses this commercial to appeal to the struggle. They want you to feel good, while at the same time ingraining this message that Dove products can make you beautiful.

Through the use of the patches, they send the message that it takes nothing special to make you feel more beautiful about yourself. However, I believe they are sending a message that most people wouldn’t recognize. Even though they claim you don’t need anything special to feel beautiful, I still feel like through flashing their logo at the end that they are saying, “Wait! There IS a product that can make you feel beautiful!”

Another powerful tool used to convey this message is their use of music. The peaceful melody helps with the emotion they are trying to appeal to. It gives power to the words spoken by these individuals. It gives power to the overall messages this commercial is sending.

Looking at this commercial from a consumer stand point, this would stick in my memory and draw me in towards dove products when I see them at the store.


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