Media Observation 6: Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches”

6 May 2016:

This commercial appeals mainly to the emotional side of things. I believe when making this commercial, they wanted to be able to suck people in and have them emotionally tied to this video. They wanted to present a topic that applies to the majority of women. One of those topics is body image. A lot of women struggle with feeling beautiful and loving themselves the way they are, so Dove made this commercial to reach out to them. Once people are emotionally invested in this video, Dove flashes their logo bringing back to the real reason this commercial was made–to promote dove beauty products.

I think it’s brilliant of them to appeal to the emotional aspect of people. The reason being that people then, in a sense, internalize the commercial. The remember how they felt watching it and remember that it was a Dove commercial, which then brings doves to mind. Not only that, but at the store when you are looking at Dove products, you’ll remember the video and how good you felt watching it. I think that because we feel good when we’re looking at Dove products, we’ll be more likely to purchase them.

Another Dove Commercial:


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