Media Observation 5: Puppymonkeybaby

6 May 2016:

When it comes to this commercial, I think this is genius. It is a weird commercial, but it is one that sticks out in many different aspects. The first aspect is the fact that it focuses around a puppymonkeybaby. The puppymonkeybaby is enough to have the commercial be memorable, but I feel as if they added another quality that made it memorable. The fact that the puppymonkeybaby keeps repeating it’s name makes it into something that is catchy–something people are going to find themselves saying.

Puppymonkeybaby repeated is enough to get it stuck in your head, but then they took that and put it too a beat that makes you want to get up and dance. We even see the actors get up and dance to it. I love that it has this overall high energy vibe to the commercial. I believe they are trying to get their audience to associate their soda with energy, which is what the purpose of Mtn Dew Kickstart is.

At the end it states their purpose: the it has three of your favorite things combined into one. That is exactly what the puppymonkeybaby is too. I liked that they made that connection in the commercial.

Most of all, I appreciated the weird, uniqueness of the commercial. I can see where a lot of people would find it annoying or too weird for them, but that’s where it works in the companies favor. They then get people to talk about it, regardless of wether people say it’s good or bad. Therefore, the company gets even more advertising. Word of mouth is the best advertising and that’s just what Mtn Dew got with this commercial. The hashtag at the end was a good choice on their part due to the fact that when people talk about it, the instantly know what they are referencing and can find what other people are saying easily as well.

Here is another example of a funny and unique commercial from Mtn Dew Kickstart:


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