Center Stage: Practicum


Being on Center Stage this semester, I want to further my skills in marketing and advertising. I love being creative and want to be able to apply that to Center Stage. Part of being with Center Stage involves coming with creative ideas to promote the performances coming to campus and our booth. I want to have ideas that get us noticed and our there in a memorable way. 

This experience I get to have with Center Stage is important to me because it helps me gain experiences and see if what I am doing with advertising is really something I want to be doing. I get to work on my public relations skills, which is something I have been wanting to improve. I get to put something I love into action.

I have decided already that every week, in addition to our board meetings and running shows, I want to put at least an hour of work for the practicum. Whether it be running the booth, designing t-shirts, doing a social media activity, I want to do something to contribute. I have decided that before every board meeting I will show up prepared to give ideas and suggestions. In addition, I have signed up to shadow Jake (board director) and Mark (social media director) to gain one on one experience working with social media and running events.

Below are pictures of ideas we have come up with as a board to promote the shows and booth:


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