Media Observation 4: Coca-Cola’s “Brotherly Love”

27 April 2016:

In Coca-Cola’s commercial “Brotherly Love” there is a story being told to work on our emotions and get us to associate their product with a good feeling. In this video they use the feeling of love you have towards a brother. There’s the teasing that takes place but in the end, there’s that love.

They use the music to tell this story. If you listen to the lyrics, they are talking about being there for a brother, which is exactly what is happening in the commercial. They took a popular song and made it more mellow. They did that to match the feeling they are trying to portray. In addition, they used a popular song. When a popular song is used, when people hear it they will focus more on the commercial. People want to hear a song they enjoy.

I noticed throughout the video it keeps showing scenes of the brother teasing the other brother, but then right at the part where you see the coke bottle is where you get the warm feeling. You get that because you see the brother help out the other brother and almost in a sense, let him know that he’s there for him.

Overall, this commercial is trying to get you to buy their product through playing off your emotions.


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