Media Observation 2: Taylor Swift’s “New Romantics”

18 April 2016:

In Taylor Swift’s “New Romantics” music video, she portrays a message of the joy she has for performing. Throughout the video there’s a voiceover that cuts in and out with her saying things that she enjoyed the most while on tour.  She mentions that the fans are the best part and how she doesn’t want to forget anything. I would say this video was made as a way to remember everything that happened.

Some of the ways her message is portrayed is though clips of the fans and what they do. Some are dressed in crazy outfits. Some hold signs they made. It shows fans waving glow sticks and enjoying the show almost as much as Swift enjoys performing. It shows these clips to illustrate this point Swift makes about the fans making the show.

It shows multiple other clips from her concerts. It not only shows her fans, but it shows Swift. We can see how much she enjoys it. We see clips from multiple concerts and the different crazy things she and her dancers would do. I love that they do that. I feel as if it backs up everything that she said about not wanting to forget anything. Those different clips show almost everything, including her interaction with those backstage and those who work with her. You can see how much she enjoys being around them.

In-between voiceovers, It goes into the song. Something I believe adds to the impact of the story is that it’s a mastered song. Even though it’s showing different concerts, it’s not using the live music. I believe by doing so it not only makes it easy to blend together the different clips, but helps with the message of Swift enjoying the concerts.

I believe all of these components come together and put Swift in a good light to whomever watches the video. I believe it helps create the positive image of Swift and help people desire to see one of her concerts.


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