Media Observation 1: Redefining Happiness

18 April 2016:

Taking a look at the video The Huffington Post put out titled Redefining Happiness, we see inspirational speaker Jay Shetty urging us to redefine happiness. He talks about how people these days take happiness to mean having jobs and making money. He, however, makes the point that we need to redefine happiness and success and make it more about the size of our hearts and gratitude. He says we act more like human doings rather the human beings, and therefore need to-be lists, rather that to-do lists. Instead of thinking about what we want to do, we should think about who we want to be.

Throughout the video, there is a combination of things that helped me feel and understand the message this video was trying to portray. The music in the background is one of the first things I noticed. It dramatic, fast paced, and without words. It compliments what Shetty is saying. The words Shetty speaks are power as they are, especially the way he speaks and the rhymes within. However, when you add music behind them that is just as powerful, it creates emotion that helps relate you relate this message to yourself.

I then noticed what we see. Whenever Shetty mentions something, such as mentioning a scientist, it shows a clip of it to further impact and illustrate what it is he is talking about. When he mentioned kids wanting to become singers there was a clip that appeared that showed Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is a well-known, highly successful singer. I believe the clip is there to produce a subconscious message about have kids want to grow up and be highly successful without Shetty having to specifically say that–to further portray the message. 

Another example of what we see, would be the clips shown when he begins talking about being rather than doing. We see clips of people doing good things. It shows these people with smiles on their faces and laughing. We see that they are happy. These clips are conveying a subconscious message of how when we become a person who focuses on being, we are happier.

I believe the main purpose of this video is to inspire people to act–to discover for themselves what happiness is.


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