Project 9: Portfolio


Project Corrections / Time spent: I spent two hours correcting and recreating a project of mine. The first project I chose to correct was my flier. It was the first project I’d ever done and I felt like it needed a few changes. I changed the font to Bebas and changed the body copy font to Sanford. I then aligned the text a little more and reorganized a few things.

I then corrected my stationery. I re-did the back of the business card to interact more with the design. I made the bean on the front slightly small to match the size of the text. I then moved the bean on my letterhead, so then it wasn’t too heavy on one side. I liked the overall design, but felt as if something more could be done with the design.

I then completely re-did my montage. I wasn’t a big fan of my previous montage and felt I need to re-do it. I found two photos I liked and blended them together.

Message: To show my design skills and my design style.

Audience: Potential employers and clients.

Top Thing Learned: How to work with master pages

Future application of Visual Media: I will use it to help me better develop my skills in visual communication. I can use these new skills to better tell a story.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic – Blue

Title Font Name & Category: Bromello – Script & Basic Title – San Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Avenir – San Serif

Thumbnails of Images used:


Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):

  1. Free Creatives

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