Project 3: Photodesign


Descriptions: Demonstrate good photography and image editing skills. Incorporating color into a poster layout with original photo.

Process: I set up a photo shoot using props and different locations. I shot each photo with a Cannon camera borrowed from the library. I planned out the color scheme and took photos using the skills I learned from the photography activity. I then used one of the photos taken to create this poster. I brought in design elements that went along with my color scheme. I edited the photo to better match my color scheme. Both the photo editing and the flier was done using Photoshop.

Message: I wanted people to see adventure when they looked at my flier. What screams adventure better the Benjamin Franklin riding a llama?!

Audience: College students seeking adventure.

Top Thing Learned: How to edit photos in photoshop.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic color scheme with gold

Title Font Name & Category: Superclarendon Light – Oldstyle

Copy Font Name & Category: Myriad Web Pro Regular – San Serif

Thumbnail of original, unedited image inserted:


(2/2/2016) BYU-Idaho Gardens


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