Project 1: Flier


Black & White promotional flier to promote a graduate leadership conference.

The first thing I did was sketch four possible designs for the flier. I paid attention to what I wanted the focus to be and made sure to add design elements, such as contrast, white space, and shape. I then chose which design I wanted to make. I created my flier using Adobe InDesign. After drafting my first design, I had it critiqued. I took the advice from the critique and produced my final flier.

I am trying to aim this poster at student who are just about to graduate. I chose to put emphasis on the word “graduate” to make sure that is what is seen.

Recent graduates who are 22-30 years of age.

Top thing learned:
I learn the importance of alignment. It helps a ton with the flow of the flier. It’s a powerful tool you can use to direct eyes where you want them.

Title Font Name & Category:
Arial Black – Sans Serif

Copy Font Name & Category:
Bodoni 72 – Oldstyle

Links to all images you used in this:


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